ECLUSE wins first edition of CEWEP Integration Award 2018

During the 9th CEWEP-conference in Bilbao, ECLUSE won the very first ‘Integration Award’ for the way in which waste-to-energy is integrated in society and in the urban system. The prize was awarded by the 220 congress delegates from 27 countries. ECLUSE won by a large majority of the votes. The steam network will deliver process steam and heat from Indaver and SLECO’s waste-to-energy facilities to 6 industrial companies in the Waasland Port (Left bank of river Scheldt, Port of Antwerp) CEWEP is the European confederation of waste-to-energy plants.


Twence (NL), ECLUSE (BE), ISVAG (BE)

resp. winners of the innovation, integration, communication award.


Succesful partnership


The realization of steam network ECLUSE is largely due to the partnership on which it is built. ECLUSE bundles knowhow and expertise of public and private partners to offer a sustainable alternative for the fossil fuel which port based companies are currently using for their steam production. The steam consumers are energy-intensive companies in need of a sustainable and secure energy source at a competitive price. ECLUSE will provide, 24/7, steam from the waste-to-energy facility situated within a 5 km radius from them. Partners in ECLUSE are Indaver, SLECO, FINEG, Fluvius, Maatschappij Linkerscheldeoever and Water-Link. Fluvius (formed from the merger of network managemnt companies Infrax and Eandis) builds the network and will operate it. Maatschappij Linkerscheldeoever, the Left Scheldt Bank Cooperation is responsible for the management and land development policy for Waasland Port. As the owner of the land in the Waasland Port for which it grants concessions to the companies located there, MLSO is a valued partner that supports this project and can guarantee its continued existence in the longer term.





Paul Verbeeck is a very proud president of the BoD of ECLUSE. “After winning the prestigious Sustainability Award of Port of Antwerp (2016), we also received the Belgian environmental award for our sustainable energy project (2017).

To receive this Integration Award from the waste-to-energysector, proves that also the European colleagues of our steam producers Indaver and SLECO, truly appreciate this integration project. We strongly believe in this form of industrial symbiosis as a model for the future to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals."





Left-to-right: Silvia Colazzo (Indaver), Paul de Bruycker (Indaver/SLECO), Eric Trodoux (Suez/SLECO)


5 x green steam, 1x green heat


ECLUSE, 'a channel for green energy' is to become the largest industrial heat cluster in Europe. It will send process steam to 5 companies: the INEOS Phenol chemicals group, LANXESS nv, a producer of rubber chemicals and intermediate products for synthetics, Monument Chemical, which produces chemicals and solvents , ADPO, a logistics partner for the chemical industry and Ashland, a producer of specialty chemicals. Containerterminal DP World-Antwerp Gateway will take off the heat from the return condenstate duct. Since half the waste that is treated in the waste-to-energy facility is bio-organic in nature, the heat output can be considered 'green' for an equivalent amount.




Silvia Colazzo, Communications Manager ECLUSE