Efficiënt transport van stoom

ECLUSE is een netwerk van stoom- en condensaatleidingen tussen de thermische verwerkingsinstallaties van Indaver/SLECO en een aantal bedrijven in de Waaslandhaven. Dit stelt de bedrijven in staat om naar eigen behoefte warmte af te nemen.

Het warmtenetwerk transporteert de stoom die wordt opgewekt tijdens de verbranding via een geïsoleerde stoomleiding naar de warmteafnemers. Het transport verloopt efficiënt en zonder noemenswaardig verlies door gebruik te maken van oververhitte stoom op hoge druk (40 bar) en temperatuur (400°C).

Via een condensaatleiding loopt het warm water terug naar Indaver/SLECO waar het opnieuw in de stoomketel als voedingswater wordt gebruikt. De leidingen zijn in totaal zo'n 5 kilometer lang en lopen deels ondergronds (ca. 1 km) en deels bovengronds (ca. 4 km). ECLUSE hanteert voor haar warmteafnemers een principe van solidariteit. Elke afnemer betaalt een uniform transporttarief.


Steam purchasers

Customers for green heat in the Waasland Port are mainly companies in the chemical sector due to the energy-intensive nature of the business. The ECLUSE-customers are all Essenscia members (Belgian Federation for Chemistry and Life Sciences Industries), based in the Waasland Port and committed to purchase steam from ECLUSE for at least 10 years.  ADPO, Ashland, Monument Chemical, Ineos Phenol and Lanxess use this steam in their production processes. 

Other companies may join the network at a later date. The ECLUSE heating network is designed to supply double the heat capacity that is required today. This will also cater for an increase in heat requirement from companies that joined the scheme from beginning.


ECLUSE is a partnership between Indaver, SLECO, FINEG, Water-Link and Maatschappij Linkerscheldeoever. It  functions as a ‘channel of green energy' between the Indaver/SLECO waste-to-energy plants and companies in the Waasland Port.  The Belgian Federation for Chemistry and Life Sciences Industries, essenscia, also supports the project. Fluvius is responsible for the operations of the network.

Maatschappij Linkerscheldeoever (MLSO) is responsible for the management and land development policy for Waasland Port. Among other things, MLSO prepares grounds for construction and grants concessions to companies. It also organises expropriations and advises the authorities on the expansion of the port area.

Fluvius is a Flemish multi-utility company  which builds, operates, maintains and develops pipeline-dependent utilities.

Fineg is a financial holding with 16 municipalities as shareholders. Its scope is to invest in energy projects.

Each year, Indaver and SLECO convert 1 million tonnes of waste into energy and materials at their plant in Doel. They deploy as much innovative technology as possible to recover energy from waste. 

Essenscia is the Belgian Federation for Chemistry and Life Sciences Industries. As a multisectoral umbrella organisation, it represents the numerous business sectors involved in chemistry, synthetic materials and life sciences.

 Essenscia supports this project because it can contribute to ensuring that the participating companies continue to choose the Port of Antwerp region as their place of operation. By connecting them to a heating network, companies which are strategic to the Flemish economy will be anchored in this area. Via the heating network, the Flemish authorities are in a position to guarantee the corporate sector in the Waasland Port a cost-effective and sustainable energy supply in the long term.